Before the first time wiping

Terry from the process of production, so it is good before using first wash. The first wash cycle will cause a slight chamfer fabrics and thus contribute to an even greater attachment loops into warp. Terry initially grouped by colors and expose to temperatures 40-60 degrees.
Do not skip the rinse and if you can, use a dryer set on medium power. It is not advisable to use fabric softener to stick together, cotton fibers, thereby reducing the absorption and simultaneously prolonging the cleaning process.

To be still white
At first there is the wash water for tinting in especially dark colors. Otherwise, problems caused by free molecules of the colors, which could catch on the other cotton fabric.
Therefore, it is important to follow the recommended wash temperature wash load and sort by color. Original color towel is thus essentially unchanged.
Affects color stability when used in a laundry detergent contains optical brightener composition, there is, however, only an apparent color change. Is completely inappropriate use of funds that contain chlorine or Savo.

Nowhere any hair
Classic terry toweling contains small fragments of cotton, which initially use released. First 2-3 washing cycles should eliminate most of these fragments. Unpleasant to this phenomenon is that the single fiber is visible when the contrasting background is white as a bath.

Small snag?
If you check, withdrawn or otherwise violate the loop, just trim the free end of the thread. You do not have to worry - the steam towel off.